Yesterday evening, five minutes after arriving at the baseball game, my niece takes a tumble with her mouth hitting the metal bleachers .  I’m looking at her as she is on the floor and all of a sudden I start to see lots of red coming out of her mouth.  My sister grabs Madison and rushes off to the restroom, I follow with panic, not knowing the damage or harm to her mouth.  All I want to do is take away the immediate pain she is feeling.  Once the blood is cleaned off,  we see this horrible cut on her outer bottom lip, and another inside the bottom lip.  While we are in the restroom these two mothers share their own experiences with their own children cutting their lip. They were very humble and trying to down play our worries, a big thank you to the moms!   I run to get ice, I return, my sister tries to apply the ice and Madison is having none of it,  not even a popsicle, she tells us her booboo hurts.  We are still close to the restroom and concession stand,  her Momma is holding her and she starts to fall asleep…….

I missed a good chunk of my nephews game.  He played catcher for two innings……..To Be Continued..