My buddy’s team had a week off of playing, and he resumed  Monday night.  It was an exciting game as always, they were down 0-3, then 3-7 and then they caught up and won 11-7.

Last night he played again, they played the Summerdale Al  all star team.  They were down 0-3, then 3-9, then 6-10.  They lost by 4.  They have different rules at this level for the 8 and 9 year olds.  One of his team members batted an infield pop up, the player caught it and dropped it and it was an instant out.  The reason behind that is that it could potentially be a double play for two outs.  There innings are cut shorter after the 8th batter.

Looks like my buddy will be playing another position, he currently plays 1st base man , one of the pitchers, and now catcher.  The coach is trying to arrange and perfect the team.  I think it is great to expose them to other positions.  This is  Bryce’s first year playing a more serious baseball game.  He has a lot to take in, even if he has natural athletic abilities.

8 games 2 losses to date