Foley field is where Bryce usually has his games (not sure what the name of the park is) .  I believe it was built in 2009, it houses 5 baseball fields, very nice complex.  It is about a 45 min drive one way to see my buddy, usually it is a carpool of family members. I love the drive,we pass so many farms.  I see cattle, horses, big farming fields and it is always so clean, and a different kind of air.  Mom and dad use to always stop at BJ Farms to pick up local produce, or private farmers who were selling their grown goods.

So the game started off slow, my buddies team was down by 5.  Bryce pitched the two first innings, threw a lot of balls, he was off last night.  In the last inning they pulled it out and scored 4, they lost however it was a nice comeback.  I enjoyed it either way.  A great play that stood out, the opposing team was up to bat, a known good hitter, he knocked it out into mid field, we thought he was going to make it home , however this great arm out fielder threw it back in, and the batter only made it to 2nd base, it was priceless!

4 games so far 1 loss