Month: April 2011

I’m Off To Spain In May!

So I am excited to be on this travel adventure of my birth place, to enjoy re visiting my family(mom’s side) and getting to share this experience with my brother and his wife!  It has been 5 years since I have been back so I am thrilled at the opportunity again.  I really would like to know more about my grandparents in Spain, and their parents.  I want to know more about my aunt, uncles, and cousins lives, then and now, what their opinions are about the state of the globe, and their neigh-boring countries.  It is amazing to see how genealogy plays out through generations.  I look at my parents, myself, nieces, nephews,my siblings and wonder who’s past souls we mimic in our family tree.  I am in awe of our human species, I just want us to operate at our higher abilities.

There is the massive  3 decade( 60’s, 70’s + 80’s) school reunion taking place in Spain as well !  Looking forward to it all !



Yesterday Was A Not So Good News Day

Another round of tornadoes hit Tuscaloosa,  Al  and 4 other surrounding states.  We are seeing a different category of  much more powerful tornadoes.   The news discussed how it was missed on the weather radar Doppler, everyday people who did not have time to prepare.  ( I’m not understanding  how it was missed )  These devastating storms are happening more frequently with bigger damages, higher loss of life.  My humanity goes out to the loss of life.

The second is a little more personal, my friend Angie lost her grandmother a couple of days ago, I found out yesterday.  I know her grandmother had a special important place in her life.  The experiences, the time we spend with each other are priceless pieces of lessons and joy in our precious memory bank.

Baseball, Baseball Read All About It !

My buddy’s team had a week off of playing, and he resumed  Monday night.  It was an exciting game as always, they were down 0-3, then 3-7 and then they caught up and won 11-7.

Last night he played again, they played the Summerdale Al  all star team.  They were down 0-3, then 3-9, then 6-10.  They lost by 4.  They have different rules at this level for the 8 and 9 year olds.  One of his team members batted an infield pop up, the player caught it and dropped it and it was an instant out.  The reason behind that is that it could potentially be a double play for two outs.  There innings are cut shorter after the 8th batter.

Looks like my buddy will be playing another position, he currently plays 1st base man , one of the pitchers, and now catcher.  The coach is trying to arrange and perfect the team.  I think it is great to expose them to other positions.  This is  Bryce’s first year playing a more serious baseball game.  He has a lot to take in, even if he has natural athletic abilities.

8 games 2 losses to date

Carbon Copy

Carbon Copy came out in 1981, just a great movie about racism,It is simply a classic  with great dialogue, glossing over huge racial stereo types with comedy.  I appreciate and enjoy movies much more in this decade.

There is a documentary on marketing that I want to watch, and I truly believe that racism is something that is marketed.  How many of us have ever had a personal negative experience with a different race?  If racism is marketed we stay divided as a country, as a globe .  Look back at what Edward Bernays accomplished with  group marketing.  If the powers at be package racism and market it , we buy it, as they do with so many other  things.

Wednesday Was The Year Anniversary of Oil Rig Exploding

Earth Day Today !!  Please think about our natural resources , how public and free they are.  We share space and we need to protect and care for them.

There is still a lot of oil out in the Gulf of Mexico that will be around for a while.  I know that Louisiana marshes are still in a very bad state.  Here in Pensacola there is tar still being washed up on the beaches on a lesser scale for now.  There is a group of  approximately 100 oil spill workers cleaning tar balls around the surrounding beaches in escambia county and santa rosa county.

NRDC, Check Them Out !

NRDC (their website) is a group to be familiar with.  I like an organization that keeps tabs on the pros and cons of activity to our environment.  I was not aware that just before President Obama was taking office, the Bush Administration was trying to slip in a bill to have oil and gas companies drill in the protected red rocks in Utah.  My head is on fire how these companies/ corporations think they can privatize public property and resources, such as land, water, etc..  People need to stand together,  research, be aware of the devastation oil and gas drilling is having across America.  Gasland was a great documentary , Mr. Fox, an average American wrote, directed, and starred in this film of uncovering the nasty hidden devastation that corporations are causing,  all because a natural gas company sent him documentation to lease his property for $100,000.00 to drill for gas.

Spent Time at Harbor View Marina

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day at the Marina.  It is amazing to see all kinds of boats stored in a warehouse storage facility several feet high.  The expensive customized tool boxes that the mechanics invest in.  It was just a really nice day.  It was Sandy, my beau, our friend and myself.

Being out all day I was not aware of the horrible tornadoes that blasted through Virginia, North Carolina, etc… and the fires in Texas . Crazy weather we are having through out the U.S., I know people that live in these areas and I hope they are all well.

St. Benedict’s German Festival Today !

St. Benedict’s is having a fund raiser for its school, they have it every year.  Today is Bryce’s School festival.  He was running a mile at 8:00 this morning.  I was going to join him however I woke up tired. ( I have not run in a while, I was planning on a push into that direction.  I had two stages in my life when I ran and I would like to do it again) the plan was to meet my brother at his house and depart from there. (did not happen).  The actual time of the mile run was at 9:00, (the 5k was at 8:00) my brother waited from  7:30 to 9.  Bryce came in 1st place in his age group, 6th place overall, his time, 7min 56 sec. I’m proud of him no matter what !  I give him a big woohoo!!!

Thursday Night Baseball

It was my brother, Landon and myself headed to Foley, Al for the game.  My buddy pitched two innings and he did so well.  They were down 0-2 and won 6-4.  On one play, bases were loaded and a team batter brought all of my buddies team members home, scoring 4 points !

to date, 6 wins 1 loss