Month: March 2011

Laptop Problems

So I discovered problems with my laptop Wednesday morning, it was plugged in and would not start.  My world has been a little weird and tested not having access to all the convenience, great info and connections  that I am accustomed to.  I think it is my cord adapter.  I ordered an ac adapter cord for my gateway.  My baby is a pretty powerful 14’inch notebook.  It is an amazing functional machine so hopefully it will be restored by Monday to its original operative ways!

I learned that a lot of major companies do not make their laptops, they are built by OMDs


We Are Bigots Rather Than Human Beings , However It Is Never Too Late!!

What someone else ‘s religion, sexual orientation , ethnicity is, should never be a pro or con, it just is.   We should never have this great divide amongst each other, we have bigger things to worry about, other than an individuals predisposed genetics and upbringing.  Black or white, gay or straight, Jew or Muslim or catholic etc.. should not matter, its irrelevant.  I think in America the powers at be keep the divide going and people buy into it, feed into the lower level thinking.  Propaganda, media, everything is strategically orchestrated to continue a divide amongst citizens because we are less powerful that way. They want our minds occupied with each other, rather than how screwed over we have been by our Government. By creating a larger group of poor people, (like 911,  patriot act, the bailout, not taxing the rich and corporations, Wall Street fraud) the powers at be generate a big population of citizens into a lower level of logical thinking, igniting fear, helplessness, defeat, however we are not those things!!!  As human beings we were given a very powerful brain and not many of us use it, because if we did, we would perform at a more optimum level, instead of fighting each other ignorantly, we would work together(human being to human being) changing the awful things that are happening to our land, our way of life.

Religion has been around for centuries, some countries, and our parents usually set the tone for our religious beliefs.  No one individual has the better religion and especially if they are willing to criticize or kill others for theirs.

Our sexual orientation is what I believe already is coded in us, our DNA , genes etc..  The old debate Nature vs Nurture , it is both, and why we continue to spin the wheel, criticizing  other human beings is ignorant and offensive to our human brain!  Look at all the supposed heterosexuals that present themselves one way  and live another.  Come on, who you love ,  marry,  have intercourse with, is your business!

Our ethnicity, (list of them) we have no control over who we came from or where we came from!  It is true that some awful things happened in the events of history to several ethnic groups,  Native Indians,Africans, Jews etc.. however that was many years ago.  We have to move on for things to change, otherwise we stay in the role of victim and will never advance to a higher level of living or thinking.  So why do people stay stuck on stupid and fight each other when there is no control over the color of someones skin, language,customs, geography, gender, etc..  We were made, created to embody many different spaces,places, faces, bodies, languages, customs, different is good, I do not want a world full of me !  If  we are fighting our own citizens because of their race, religion,sexual orientation and not the government, we are missing the mark big time. People get caught up in things that do not affect them directly, however,  our jobs, livelihood,  children, education, environment,  writing to your government, your congressman do, so stop wasting time losing focus of the bigger picture at hand!!  It is time to wake up!!!!!

Don’t be a bigot!!!!!

The Anniversary of My Cousin Mike

My father, along with other family,  met up in Washington D.C.  for my cousin Mike’s memorial, March 14th.  It is hard to believe a year has come and gone.  My cousin was a son and a husband.  I would have loved to have had talks,discussions with Mike.  Since I do not have children, I can not process what the loss of a child does to a parent.  My uncle Dean has had to experience his first year.  I have shared my sister-in-laws experience with death as well.  Is the effect of loss the same, or is there a difference between losing a parent, child, sibling, partner, niece or nephew, friend?  Each relationship is different, and they are all important.

I Went Boating A Couple of Weeks Ago

The last time I can remember being on a boat  was with my family on my dads boat around 10 years old, and sailed in the same area.   I was invited and thrilled at the opportunity, I went with another couple and our dogs.  The dogs had a blast although my dog was not overly thrilled speeding on the boat, between the noise of the motor and the bouncing she was a little leery and a little new to the experience.  It is amazing how dogs are so aware they are not on solid ground.  The water in the bay was much dirtier than when we got to the opening of the gulf.  We ended up driving out to Fort McRree , we docked and took a stroll.  The dogs frolicked, jumped in and out of the water. It was a nice glimpse into the warmer weather approaching.  Having the beautiful scenery of a clear blue sky, dolphins swimming around us, white sand, priceless.   I did not see any signs of oil, tar while walking, however in the bay area I was not sure.

Middle East Events Should Become Ours, It Is Well Overdue !!!

We are seeing these countries; Tunisia , Libya , Yemen , Bahrain , Morocco standing up to their governments. Why now?  What is going on after  30 years in Egypt and abroad ?  Are we getting  true facts from our media ?  Why does the U.S. weigh heavily on choosing the leader of other countries ?  Our government may change the Commander- in- chief every four or eight years, however changes are fewer and worsening.

Citizens of the globe have been deeply affected by their countries investments with Wall Street and banks and they have had it ! Did anyone watch 60 minutes  last week regarding the story of the fruit vendor Mohamed Bouazizi( who they say is the catalyst for this movement in all the countries) ?  When government steals  from, and defrauds its citizens, it is a matter of time before they revolt.