So my nephew Bryce( who is 9) had his last Basketball game(tournament) last night.  His first year playing for his school,and he is a natural(and I am not being biased).  I was there  on the edge of my seat, clapping, shouting, and probably annoying people in front of me.  I Love being supportive with whatever he is involved in(or any of my little ones), its funny because  I do not watch college or professional basket ball yet I was glued, engaged on what was going on the court.  It’s thrilling to see the youth in their pre- stages of athletic abilities and to wonder what may become of them.  They lost 14 to 28 (coming in 4th in tournament) however his team played  cohesively well through out the season.  I’m proud of his sportsmanship, dedication, and drive !


Next is baseball !!!