Bernie Madoff , and many more like him stand to gain, benefit, however, only one, or a couple take the fall.  He was guilty however he did not act alone,where are the others?  His illegal activity  may go back as far as the 70’s.  There are a lot of  Bernie Madoffs still running around free without  penalisation!   Martha Stewart was singled out, went to jail regarding insider trading.   Take note of all the corporations who trade and the people who invest in the corporations!

Look at Enron in 2001( who went to jail there), in 2002 the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was created as a precursor.  Did it really make a difference?  No!  We have lobbyist and government who look out for the interests of Corporations.  The corporation (CEO‘s) can cheat, lie, steal, run their corporation into the ground, keep their money and leave their employees without anything.  This system needs to change,  there needs to be accountability, the 2oo8 bailout group , all lost money yet CEO’s kept bonuses , cashed in their stock, got the bailout money and some still declared bankruptcy after.  Where did all that money go?  There was a gag  order drummed up  on Bush’s watch on releasing  info about the TARP , how convenient and unethical.  Well I think it needs to be overturned, overruled,  we are suppose to know the finances of our government, its our money for goodness sake!  I think about the out right , in our face, robbery that has been done by our government,  and corporations, it is appalling and we need to stop it and change U.S. legislation!