People inflict paralysis within themselves with their own thoughts and how they handle their experiences.  Death is only one of  many  paralyze rs.  For the person facing death, or losing a love one, he or she may check out of life , not fight (give up),or the individual will live each day, embrace it  like they never did before.

I wrote a post a year ago, Jan. 5th,  regarding my sister-in-law losing her mother and brother within a year of each other.  Now her fathers wellness is hanging in the balance.   I do not believe she has had enough time to process  the past losses and it is popping  its head up again.  Several passing’s within a short period has to be a lot on  her plate.  It has not been the time to approach her and inquire, however, I pray for her and her situation.  I do believe in a positive outcome for her father.  My sister-in-law has an amazing spirit, resilience that will carry her through.  I will do my best to be there in any capacity for her.

When we leave this planet or someone we love does before us , that is it, so give life and the people around you your best !