Month: January 2011

What Does Mortality Mean To You?

Thursday was a  weird day, my sister-in- law lost her father.  I was hoping he was going to hang around us a while longer.  My mind was spinning into different directions thinking about what mortality means.   How will I  handle the passing of a love one?  How does  my sister -in-law go down this road for the third time now?  It is usually about the people that are left behind.  For those of us still living , we should bring integrity to our days and the things around us, celebrating  life.

I wonder if people who deal with death in their profession on a daily basis have a different outlook in their personal life?  Seeing it and experiencing it everyday, I would think desensitizes you, just like in war.  People die every minute around the globe, death is a natural process, when you pass on your own.  Death is an unknown to me, and it occurs in many different ways physically and mentally.

Must See Movie, Joe vs The Volcano

The eighties, nineties, and some earlier movies are just great to go back to.  Dialogue is so important , the message or messages it leaves you with.  That time period in movies was minimal and more realistic, people in film were normal looking and we related to them much easier.  Joe Versus  The Volcano, just a great movie, with a great message. There  are so many great lines in this film. If you have a chance , watch it!

Does Death Motivate You, Or Paralyze You ?

People inflict paralysis within themselves with their own thoughts and how they handle their experiences.  Death is only one of  many  paralyze rs.  For the person facing death, or losing a love one, he or she may check out of life , not fight (give up),or the individual will live each day, embrace it  like they never did before.

I wrote a post a year ago, Jan. 5th,  regarding my sister-in-law losing her mother and brother within a year of each other.  Now her fathers wellness is hanging in the balance.   I do not believe she has had enough time to process  the past losses and it is popping  its head up again.  Several passing’s within a short period has to be a lot on  her plate.  It has not been the time to approach her and inquire, however, I pray for her and her situation.  I do believe in a positive outcome for her father.  My sister-in-law has an amazing spirit, resilience that will carry her through.  I will do my best to be there in any capacity for her.

When we leave this planet or someone we love does before us , that is it, so give life and the people around you your best !

Where Did Global Aid Money Go In The Last 9 Years?

How has the money for Haiti 2009, Katrina 2005, Tsunami 2004,  and Victims relief 9/11 2001 been dispersed?  Found an article in The Guardian that has data for Haiti , and Information Is Beautiful did a data  collection of all 4.  Not all the money is being received or used on the aid that is needed.  There should be a transparent trail, citizens donated their money for the causes.  If x amount of money is on file x amount of money should be where it was designated, period!  Is the misuse where the money is coming from, or the group that receives it, or both?

Medicaid, Social Security, Unemployment, Welfare, How Long Will They Be Around?

Programs that have some Americans divided, and in an uproar:

MedicaidMedicare Social Security , Welfare ,Unemployment BenefitsTax Cuts

Welfare programs exist all over the world, not just in the U.S.  Where are  the programs and the deficits of the globe headed?

Before the December signing of  Tax Cuts some Millionaires had words for President Obama.  Well, all  U.S. citizens had words, or thoughts about the decision.

Hungary Is Causing Noise With New Media Laws

Europe (EU) is not happy with Hungary ‘s vague media law.

more recent development

Was this a reaction to wikileaks?  Europeans are known for their public protest, they understand  a precedent for unwanted restrictions to come.

New, A New Outlook For the New Year !!!!!

To whatever your outlook for the new year is,  count your blessings.  There is bad weather occurring in states across the U.S.,  California’s mud slide,  Arizona floods, have done serious damage to homes and community travel.  There are dead birds reported in Arkansas and Louisiana.  Something  is always happening somewhere around the world.  Take this new year by the balls,  refrain from overlooking  or never looking  at what is  going on around you!   Happy Trails!!!!