Month: October 2010

Love Documentaries, Watched Iranians Live Feed And Dedication For Neda

Take note, Iran is an example  for all people, for all of us.    There are many who look at  the advancement of technology and  the gadgets that are produced  as evil.  We as individuals choose or make the choice of the intent and usage of these produced products.  The people of Iran just like many before have stood up to their governments.  Now we can actually get live feed from anywhere in the world, and normal citizens can make that happen.  Thank you for the individuals who allowed Iran’s citizens Intel to be routed to US via  internet.  These days and everyday,  it is  important that  people are standing up for justice and truth.   Iran’s voting process was a sham and the people took to the streets in numbers to convey that to their government.

For Neda

Neda had many independent views and stood up for women.  Iran’s treatment today is worse than what American women had in the 1920s until  women’s suffrage was set in place.

Austin Heap–  unblocked, rerouted  proxy servers that Iran put in place  during June 2009 elections

A year later IFEX reports on Iran’s status.

Job Requests Surfacing For Oil Clean Up Again In Pensacola Fl

There are adds being placed on Craigslist for oil clean up, individuals who have been through the process are posting, saying that it is all  fraudulent.  Somehow contractors put the word out they are hiring county workers for oil clean up.  The contractors have you come in,  fill out an application,  then put you on a stand by list while getting paid by Bp for your application information. What is going on?   Why say you are hiring if in fact you are not putting the applicants to work?   How is compensation possible for these contractors?   How is someones personal  information being used for a contractors wages?  Hundreds of workers locally were let go, red listed Aug 19th, p2s workers were let go on August 23rd.

P2s hired local county people  from the get go, after July 26, everywhere you went whether it was the unemployment office or contractors ,  it was a requirement that you had to  be a local resident of the county. There are all these stipulations put in place for workers when none of it is being adhered to.   Who do the contractors answer to, we want full disclosure from them.  They get the contracts and then  30% of the workers are local.  Why is this allowed? Dan Thomas from Wear TV did story on, Local Oil Clean Up Crews Are Not 100% Local, this video along with others, can be found  in the video listing on this link. All Local information reported regarding oil status.

I can only imagine the fiasco going on in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and other affected states.  If you are a worker or someone that would like to share your experience, I would love to hear from you.

In PNJ Saturday, Oil Clean Up In Pensacola, Fl Will Run Until March 2011

It seems they have cut certain contractors and replaced them with who knows…I saw the Sept. 19th article, For Contractors, Oil Spill Is Black Gold in PNJ regarding the web of contractors by Mr Griggs .  I wish he would have pushed harder  for full transparency, disclosure, of how the money was being charged back to BP and the break down of monies from contractor to the people cleaning up the oil.  It is very secretive and convoluted for no reason, if  BP wants to keep track of how it is paying out the 20 million.   I’m still happy Mr. Griggs brought it to light , why did he encounter so much red tape reporting on it?

In oil clean up there was a no digging policy on  Pensacola beaches  !! I wonder if that has been lifted, there is a ton of oil embedded in the dry sand.

A big thank you to Mr. Dan Thomas from WEAR TV 3 for covering this and may other Oil cleanup issues

I want to know what the independent  studies are, coming out of the gulf.