Month: July 2010

Louisiana Residents, People Associated, Related To Louisiana

Citizens of Louisiana, please, if you can provide information to the rest of us  around the globe to understand what is going on in your state, along the Gulf Coast, we would love to hear from you!!!  There does not seem to be a lot of media coverage there.  If you are an oil worker , we would love to know the water and shore exposure.  There is a lot of speculation going on down there.

Eat, Pray, Love Elizabeth Gilbert

Not sure if the movie is out yet, or if it will do the book justice, however I read the book and I enjoyed it. Elizabeth Gilbert is a smart cat and I respect and believe in searching within, and for yourself.  We come into this world with genetic coding, heredity, past generations, and then we are programmed , conditioned by whatever chosen parents we are born to.  You have to fight to be free and who you are meant to be, or suppose to be!  I do not want to be like anyone but me!  I do not mind having my parents strength and kindness , however, I was not put on this earth to be a follower or a robot!

Hello Facebookians!!

This Facebook connection is massive.   I finally decided to test the waters!  I wanted to communicate through my blog, trying to link both applications together.  I enjoy blogging it is like a running diary of sorts.  I am really bad about photos (I have not taken any for over 20 years) Just as bad about posting them on my blog.   Nothing to it, just haven’t taken them, family members and friends have.  I appreciate Elaine posting some of me!  If there any others floating around I welcome them!  I look forward to the typing journey!

Do The States and Counties Along The Gulf Coast Still Only Want Their Residents Working?

I reside in Pensacola, Florida, in Escambia County.  I was sent to work in Bay County, in Panama City because there was nothing at the time in Pensacola for me.  Now it seems counties are fighting to have county residents working in their perspective counties.  Not sure how true or what actions will be taken , so I am proactively searching  in Pensacola to find me  a contractor to work for.   I’m trying to keep a  running tally of contractors  and Staffing Agencies in Pensacola.  If anyone comes across more information I would appreciate the input!


O’Briens Response Management

P2s, (Escarosa Center was taking applications for them currently on freeze)

Eagle SWS,     Mid West Environmental Services Inc.,       Southern Cat,



Staffing Agencies:



SOS Staffing

MVP Staffing

Able Body

My Life Story In Segments (4)

When We left Sicily, My father chose orders to Spain. google maps/ earth This is where my mother is from, and I had a blast with extended family and senior classmates (attended 12th grade in Spain).  I graduated from high school, worked and continued school.  I decided to  test the waters of independence, and moved to the US, Jacksonville, Florida where I was roommates with my friend Danny.  My dad had a friend from Spain who lived in Jacksonville as well, Nick (his family, Peggy,Robin and Jeff ) they became my extended family.  They were an enormous support group, and my 2nd friends.  I met a handful of incredible people in Jacksonville and through my travels. I ended up living in the Riverside area of Jacksonville for a good amount of years. My last residence was here.  I ate at Biscottis their (website)a lot, it was right around the corner from me.


My Life Story In Segments (3)

My Dad had chosen orders to Sigonella Sicily again. I attended grades (9-11) at Stephen Decatur High School.  This time when we arrived we stayed at the Hotel Bonaccorsi we stayed there for a little while while we attended school. After about 6 months we moved to a town called Motta.  After about a year and a half, we eventually moved to Naval Housing which was across the street from the Naval base I.  It was beautiful country and a beautiful experience for a teenager.  This was my family’s 2nd  tour in Sicily.

Breakdown Of An Oil Spill Worker

For those of you with Staff Agency experience you understand the duplicity involved.   There seems to be a lot of multiple charges for each oil spill worker, the head count, man count, seems to be very important. Why are the contractors subbing out to sub contractors and each charging for the same group within their assigned(hired) oil spill workers?  Shouldn’t one contractor charge as appose to multiples for the same people?  It seems the oil spill  worker walks away with the least compensation.  Is it administrative,  the food, the hotels?  Hotels were being provided if you were out of town.  There is two meals provided to the workers everyday( breakfast and lunch) and fresh fruit. ( Well it depends on your shift and the meals may be different) Who pays for the food and beverage vendors? There is also plenty of water and powerade provided as well.  There is trash and a lot of plastic bottles that are discarded as a result, I hope the plastic is being recycled!

Who and where is the allocation for the bids on the contracts of the Gulf Coast?  The Gulf Coast is being sold off in sections for the clean up, each contractor gets a region or section on the shoreline, I’m not sure how it works in the water, however, I’m sure it is the same.

I simply want transparency, it always seems in Emergency Disaster times corruption peaks its ugly head!

If you are a worker, concerned citizen,  who ever, I would love to hear from you!