I was on Hiatus from blogging, trying to wrap my head around stuff, the crazy weather and incidents around the globe. (tornadoes, oil spill in the gulf of Mexico..etc…)

Yesterday morning I was at my nephew Nathans Flag Football game.  I had my little niece Madison and Landon with me, and for Parents, sometimes you miss great plays for keeping an eye on the ever moving, wondering two year olds,( well Landon will be two in June).  The little ones and I were laying down with our whole bodies on the grass staring at the overcast sky, ( we were still taking it all in) yes I play and join the fun too! (children are great reminders for teaching us to live in the moment).  Nathans team was doing well, my brother- in- law coaches his sons team.  After the game was over, his co -coaches wife ended up collapsing to the floor, she complained of numbness in her hands and feet .  Her 10 year old son, who plays on my nephews team was a couple of feet away from his mother , he was sitting on the grass with his head facing the ground, he said he was praying for her,  that she has always been in his life.  He was worried and afraid she would not get to enjoy her mother’s day, and  gifts.  The EMT showed up and took her to the hospital.  I was present for that moment and it shakes you up to see a husband and child go through concerned emotions in a state of not knowing the possible outcomes.  I’m glad to report this precious mother was severely dehydrated and suffered vertigo.

I wanted to share this because today, as every day, whatever strife or neglect you have with your mother, or a mother figure, cherish the time you have, we can never predict the timing of things.

To my mother, my sister, and sister-in-law, who are all mommas, it is not just a title, it is the reminder of the beauty in unconditional love.