When , or what is it going to take for people to appreciate the things in their lives.  People need to discover who they are authentically and live there life that way.  I watched a re-run of Oprah’s interview with Rosie O’Donnell addressing personal questions of The View, her break up and just baring  her soul.  Rosie shared that she was a motherless child ( from age 5, I believe) and suffered a great deal through life because of it.   I love to hear people speak about their self discoveries,  issues that they had as children and how it limited them in adulthood, and by searching deep enough they  rid themselves of their limits.  People need to take inventory of their life , it is their reality, no one is living  life for you or through you, but you.  Every individual comes with  his or her own blue print , sometimes through the decades it fades or gets changed.  Who do you share yourself with if you do not have a grasp of who you are, or afraid to share yourself?  Do not let fear,anger, anything  get in the way of it!  It is one life, one body.