Day: January 28, 2010

Check Them Out, Polyface Inc.

Today,Poly Face, and maybe a hand full more of natural farm lands, are upholding and keeping the integrity of real farming  alive (Agriculture).  For farmers all over the world, I would love to hear your views on the new” mass production” direction farming has taken.  My Grandfather on my mom side was a farmer.

My mom has told me stories of how her mother would provide food to their neighbors from their farm. My mom use to stand in the field and pose as a scarecrow to ward off the birds from their crops.   Back in My Grandmother’s day food was more scarce, and back then, Spain was under Francisco Franco’s rule. I never got a chance to know or experience my Grandmother from Spain, she passed away when my mom was 11.  I think I would have been very proud and in awe of her, she was a very strong,giving soul.

Edward Bernays, We Can Thank Him For The Consuming Culture We Have Become

Edwar Bernays a savvy little cat who pumped his uncle Sigmund Freud for the psychological propaganda avenues to influence his agenda. The Century Of The Self ,by Adam Curtis, is a great documentary to watch.

We need to put the clock back and demand things we need from the market so it will be supplied to us, healthy conscious choices, do not let your TV choose for you,  or the large money grubbing Corporations out there!

On The Fence Views of Our United States Military

I have mixed feelings about The United States Military.  I would love to hear other  peoples views on the military.  My father was a service man, my brother in-law is an active Military Navy Service man.  I Love and appreciate that we have men and women who defend the US, and most of the time, keep the peace around the world, but it always seems that the military is located in places of interest.  There are many Embargoes that we have in place with certain countries.  However, the Military is one of our biggest polluters of the world!

What about the EPA in all of this?  Besides the polluting, I wholeheartedly believe our service men and women are duped by their own government,  well we all are,  not really knowing the real reason they are at war, or the assignments they are on. I remember when a  service man addressed the former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld about their trucks not being fully armored and faulty.

Walter Reed was a hot topic not up to Building code, not providing treatment to our recently wounded or our Veterans of past wars.

I sure hope the conditions at Walter Reed have improved.  What kind of collection of people (government) do that to their own! I say let all our Government personnel suit up and go fight our wars!

Ron Paul Speaks on Interventionism